CLA Safflower Oil Reviews For Weight Loss – It Works Or Scam ?

Sarcos Richard / September 15, 2018

Has losing weight been a challenge for you of late? Has excessive weight made you feel sick and demoralized? Have you been longing since ages to achieve that slim and attractive body? I am sure each one of us have tried a range of products seeing those attractive ads in the TV shows, but in vain. We are still overweighed and obese. But what if I say we really have an option to get rid of the excessive fat from the body? What if achieving a slim figure is just a call or message away? Curious? Let me introduce you to the biggest revolution in the market- CLA Safflower Oil- a perfect dietary supplement to get rid of the unwanted fat from the body and achieve a lean and healthy figure you have been longing for.

CLA stands for Conjugated Linoleic Acid and Safflowers have it in copious quantities. CLA Safflower Oil has safflowers as its main ingredient apart from a blend of different plant extracts, which reduces the risk of any fatal health complications and provides a detoxifying effect as well.

What is CLA Safflower Oil?

CLA Safflower Oil is a magic supplement to help get rid of body weight and at the same time increase muscle mass. CLA Safflower Oil came to the limelight in the year 1979. Although it had been surrounded with speculations in the initial phase (due to presence of CLA content), the Food and Drug Administration, declare CLA consumption completely safe in the year 2008. Explaining it further, they stated CLA are components that are produced naturally in the body when bacteria acts on certain dairy products or meats in the intestine or stomach. CLA Safflower Oil is available in the market in the form of soft gel capsules in a handy bottle.

 The bacteria present in our body extracts and synthesizes CLA from the Linoleic Acid, which is further utilized in the decomposition of excessive fat from our body. The main company behind this product is still known, however, labeled with the FDA, it is assumed that this supplement is manufactured in the US and supplied worldwide. All, you would need to do is order online from their website and the product would be delivered at your door-steps.

How many of you are foodies out there? You crave for food but you starve and abuse yourself to avoid gaining excessive weight? Well, you need not do that torture to yourself any longer. Dosages from 15 mg to 175 mg of CLA Safflower Oil tablets, along with proper diet can bring wonders and you would be able to see the changes with its regular use. You can go about enjoying the healthy and tasty foods you like without worrying about being obese and sick. Such is the wonder of this small pill. Just pop it in and forget the tensions and anxieties that come along with large fat content accumulated in the body.

Although claimed to be manufactured in the US, nothing of it is certain. It is supposed to be manufactured in a FDA registered laboratory in the US. But the interesting fact here is that, the domain for their website was first purchased from a Ukrainian server, which leads one to doubt its origins. Nothing much is known of the owner as there is no written evidence or information of the person. The only thing that we can rely on as of now to be the truth is the FDA logo that is marked on the bottles and settle ourselves with the fact that it is product of the US and not of any foreign country.

Does CLA Oil Work?

The primary objective of this dietary supplement is weight loss and gain of muscle mass, and to provide immunity to fight diseases. With rich content of CLA, the tablets on consumption, work to burn the excessive fat content in the body, ensuring that these are not stored in your body cell’s. CLA Safflower Oil completely changes the fat metabolism levels in your body, decreasing your appetite, and hence working towards reduced weight gain. Those with lean muscles and reduced muscle power, intake of this tablet would make the fat go to your bloodstream, thus utilizing your energy levels with the help of your liver, muscle, and body cells and give you the necessary muscle gain. Your body size would be reduced in a couple of days with regular intake and you would be able to fit into the best fashion ware you have always wanted to wear. Girls can give a complex to her rival with that astonishing transformation.

Safflower oil for weight loss

The presence of mono-saturated fatty acid and polyunsaturated fatty acid in the safflower oil provides the necessary antioxidative effect and increases the level of good cholesterol and decreases the bad cholesterol. In short, the cholesterol level in your body is maintained, thus, preventing you from diseases.

CLA Safflower Oil works in a complete cycle. On intake of a tablet or two, as recommended by your dietician, the tablet acts to activate the fat burning messenger in your body (the results would be visible in a week or so). The main activity that the fat burning messenger is expected to perform is to burn down the stubborn fat tissues that have been deposited in your body since long. Gradually, these tissues start assimilating into the blood cells. The energy from the liver, muscle and body cells are used and it helps preserve and build lean muscles and give you the correct muscle tone you have always wanted to have.

Your appetite is satiated with the intake of calories. Safflower oil is a calorie dense oil and consumption of it can provide as much as 120 calories to the body. Besides, it also provides important level of healthy fats and different other ingredients that act as a shield and manages your blood sugar level. Indirectly, consumption of these oil daily would reduce your diet and hence result in weight loss in a balanced manner.

Addition of safflower oil to your diet, help reduce trunk fat and increase lean body mass. Ingestion of quantity of these, help reduce inflammation and increase healthy cholesterol in the body, which in turn reduces the rate of heart diseases. Improvement in the blood glucose level help curb diabetes. It is even credited with improving your body composition.

Ingredient Involved

It is the most tedious task to locate and compile the ingredients of CLA Safflower Oil. No websites on the internet and even the bottle itself does not have a clear description of the composition of the supplement. This has been one reason that consumers think twice before opting to choose CLA Safflower Oil. And that is obvious? Why would one will to take a risk of consuming something, not knowing what is it made of and what would be the consequences post consumption? My attempt here, would be to walk you through the different compositions of the product. Wondering where I found it from?

After a thorough research, I figured out that the names of quite a few of the ingredients can be located from the terms and conditions section in the website. Let me shed a light on my findings on the ingredients:

CLA Safflower Oil does not have the name of its owner listed anywhere in any website. Not only name, you would not find any address or email address for it. More specifically, it seems the owner is an unknown entity who left no information about himself. The only available service contact number for this oil is: (888) 422-9040. Weird, is that this customer service number is linked to one other nutritional supplement sold online called “Pure Natural Fucoxanthin”. Possibilities are the owner never wanted to come to the lime-light and hence kept his identity a mystery over the years.

While talking of the ingredients, after a series of hit and trails, and a click on the “terms and conditions page”, I have compiled a list of substances used in the preparation of CLA Safflower Oil-

  • Safflower- as the name suggests, a miraculous plant discovered and researched upon to help in the weight loss procedure.
  • Linoleic Acid- extracted from Safflower and synthesized to form CLA.
  • Flaxseed- being rich in fiber and a reliable source of fatty acid, it works bang on and enhances the slimming effect of CLA. Use of flaxseed help control high cholesterol and digestive complications maintains the blood sugar level and decreases appetite.
  • Oat bran- it also effective in reducing cholesterol and maintaining the blood glucose level.
  • Papaya leaf extract- more commonly used for the treatment of gastroenteritis and parasite infections, CLA couldn’t have been any better without its addition in the list.
  • Black nut hull- an effective remedy for parasitic infections, it also finds its place in the list of ingredients.
  • Prune extract- with sorbitol present in it, this extract works as a natural laxative and helps prevent constipation. The high amount of fiber in it is a plus point and the aloe gives you a radiant and glowing skin.
  • Apple Pectin- a cholesterol controller and constipation preventer is also a part of this list.
  • Acidophilus probiotic- present in almost all probiotic blends, these exist in the human body naturally. Probiotic deficits can also consume these without any fear of a side effect.
  • Plant extracts.
  • Organic additives.

It is claimed that these ingredients would do the miraculous work of giving you a perfect body. It would improve the immunity level in your body and help fight against diseases and health issues as clotting conditions, chest pain, coughs, breathing problems, fever, heart disease, traumatic injuries, depression, etc.

It is righteously said excessive of anything is hazardous. It is best advised to use these supplement in adequate amounts to avoid any complications in future. Each body has a different composition and capacity, hence, CLA might work excellently for one and completely different for the other. For persons, who have certain deficiencies and syndromes, it is best advised that, they consult a physician or a proper dietician before they opt for in taking this pill.

This has been one of the most debated questions from the past few years. With an unknown owner and unknown land of origin, CLA has indeed left a mark in the market. However, speculations are there that this product has many adverse effects and leads to long-term effects. However, no solid claim has been made as of now. We understand the uncertainty that might surround people if asked to believe on a product that has just been in the market for a few years. The questions- if it is genuine? Will it work fine? Will I spoil my money? Will my budget be hampered with its purchase? – are obvious to crop in your mind. Attempting to rest all your doubts, I have made a collection of a few CLA safflower oil reviews from the website (names and location of a few users have been kept anonymous as per users’ request)-

I started taking CLA Safflower Oil and just in a couple of weeks, I can see a difference in my waist.

Shelly, California        

Appreciable Results Finally, I am getting the kind of results I was looking for. Thanks, CLA Safflower Oil.

Jeremy, Florida

 I have been using CLA Safflower Oil for 2 months now. In this short span of time, it has brought an amazing change in my personality. I started to lose weight overnights

Kevin, Georgia

I always wished to get the ideal figure. But for some reasons, I started gaining weight which makes my figure boring and fatty. Then my friend told me about CLA Safflower Oil, this has proved a miracle for me. It has fulfilled my wish of gaining an ideal figure.

Evina, Nevada

There are numerous such positive reviews all over the website. I would not claim CLA to not have any CLA safflower oil side effects, but 90% of the users are more than satisfied with the results and have upvoted for the product. For those of whom, the product did not go well, they can always share their valuable feedbacks on websites and the team would indeed work towards improving in whatever it is lagging. Just like different body has different immune system, similarly, CLA acts differently on each body as per the composition of the body.

CLA Safflower Oil has been accredited with improving the immune system of a body. A weak immune system is a house to diseases like diabetes, kidney failure, sugar, stroke. Intake of CLA, helps boosts this and maintain a stable balance in the body. It makes the body strong enough and produces antibodies to fight against these ailments. Initial intake does lead to a few small complications but gradually the body adjusts to the components of the medicine and act towards what it is meant to do- reduce body fat and give you an improved and attractive body you long for.

No damage has been reported yet after the consumption of safflower oil, however, it is advised that people suffering from kidney ailments to try and take as minimum a dose as possible for this supplement. A long-term consumption too should be done only with proper guidance and approval of doctors.

Is CLA Safflower Oil a Scam?

We have been reading in fits and starts over the speculations around this product of scamming people. But the authenticity behind these claims is yet to be determined and proved. After research, what I felt, is that the company has failed to communicate the hidden cost that is levied on the buyers while purchasing the product? A difference in value shown at first go and the one after purchase, is what has come up to the basic reasons for claims of calling the company and product a spam.

A couple of complaints have surfaced on the internet, where users claim of seeing a different price ($48.00 for example) on the credit card form, however once purchased, the price hikes up to ($99.00), which is much more than the actual value. These are the hidden charges- which may be country taxes, service charge, restocking fee, a compilation of which increases the value from one to the other. This is what has caused resentment in many of the card users, and they consider this to be a scam.

A purchase of a single bottle tends out to be expensive, however, if the purchase is done for a set of bottles, you can curtail the charges and would need to pay a lesser amount. Depicting the price break here-

-1 Bottle: $49 + $9.95 Shipping

This means, you pay the price of the bottle along with the shipping charges and the hidden charges, which turns out to be a hefty amount.

Similarly, when we go about purchasing a couple of bottles-

-3 Bottles: $99

-5 Bottles: $148

Shipping charges are not mentioned on the website for every location, but show up at the end before you make the payment for your location.

The manufacturers and sellers have incorporated an interesting and clever way to hide the extra charges deliberately for-profit maximization. A close look on the website and at the terms and conditions section reveal the same.

While you are at the sales page, at the extreme end, there is a display in grey, which reads “Prices shown are after mail-in rebates.” Once an order has been placed, you would receive a mail-in rebate. For you to receive the original price and extra charges refunded, you would need to mail that rebate to the manufacturer, failure of which, you would need to pay the following prices-

1 Bottle: $68.95

-3 Bottles: $129

-5 Bottles: $198

CLA Safflower Oil bottles, come with a 30 days money back policy, so just in case, if anyone has changed his mind, he can opt for a refund. The refund amount would exclude the shipping charges and $5 restocking fee. A refund is possible only if the dispatched packet arrives at the manufacturer’s end within 30 days of time. A delay of a single day, might not be considered in this case. Also, there is no policy of a refund in case the product is opened, broken or damaged on the route. The 30 days’ time is not any sort of a trial period and hence the client loses the guarantee as soon as he opens the bottle. Also, the shipping charges would vary from location to location. For US, the shipping charge is $9.95 and it may be higher or lower for the other locations.

What Will You Get from CLA Safflower Oil?

Any product is used to reap the benefits from it, after all, that is the natural human tendency. CLA Safflower Oil can provide you with a range of benefits and uses:

  • The first benefit that comes handy with CLA is a slim figure, loss of excessive fat and gain in muscle mass.
  • A hike in your energy levels for sure to stop fat rebuilding.
  • Decrease in cravings and mood swings.
  • Controlled appetite.
  • Proper intake of food and more specific healthy food intake would be a routine.
  • Serotonin levels are given emphasis on to improve moods.
  • Blocks unwanted fat.
  • Reduces inches of waist.
  • Muscle gain.
  • Improves immunity.
  • Reduced chances of stroke and cancer.
  • Maintains blood sugar level.
  • Increases comfort level.
  • Makes you feel better.
  • Stabilizes blood flow.
  • Organic in nature.

The list can go on and on. Rather than exaggerating here, I would rather suggest you grab a pack of CLA Safflower Oil and try for yourself and experience the changes. With lists of praises to its basket, a try on the product is not that bad a deal.

What are the aftermaths or side effects of use?

A coin always has two phases. The similar is with a product as well. No product can be a perfectionist. There must be flaws in it, if not many, a considerable few. Listing a few of them here-

  • Overconsumption leads to gastrointestinal problems and diarrhoea.
  • Levels of HDL-C in the body is reduced.
  • Increased hypertension.
  • Increase in cholesterol levels.
  • Increased chances of diabetes due to excessive fat accumulation.
  • Allergic conditions.
  • Liver malfunctions (rare).
  • A damage to the kidneys if consumed without guidance.
  • Chances of spontaneous abortions.
  • Early menopause.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Slow blood clotting.
  • Excessive blood loss.

These diseases and occurrences have no evidence in general. These are hypes and going by those, it is impossible for one to guarantee that there cannot be chances of a side effect post consumption.  

Should You Use CLA Safflower Oil to Lose Weight Without Diet or Exercise?

Intaking a supplement is fine but going with the notion that we would gain what we need with just its mere intake does not go well with me. A little bit of stretching, sit-ups, pull-ups would only help doing what the medicine is supposed to do. For instance, you consume your pill each day, without any movement in the body and sit idle with the notion that your body would be toned and shaped by just doing nothing, will it work? Absolutely not! Movement is essential for blood circulation about the body. It boosts the medicine to work well and makes you feel good about it.

Moreover, nowhere would you find the exact dosage of CLA to be taken. This simply means, taking a single pill where is sufficient for one, might not be for the other. In fact, a single pill might be way too much of a dose for a person whose body is not resistant to the ingredients in the pill that he has popped in. Excessive dosage where can increase the chances of diabetes and other diseases, work out and exercise, on the other hand can keep you and your health in check and help reduce extra fat naturally. The more your body is in motion and the more you work out, the blood flow increases, the sweating increases, which in turn, assimilates the clinging fat in your body and lets it dissolve and disappear through sweat and the heat that would be generated in your body all the while you work out and is in motion.

Not just exercise, the focus should be on healthy diet as well. A healthy diet is essential along with the intake of CLA Safflower Oil Diet . Diet balances the adverse effects on the body, if any. Although no such cases have been reported yet, but prevention is always better than cure. Your body needs to stay healthy, fit, immune and in working condition, which is only possible, with a combination of healthy diet, exercise and intake of a pill each day.

  • Pros
  • cons

In this entire article, we have mentioned safflower oil as a miracle supplement. Summing up the benefits that CLA Safflower Oil provides are:

  • Boosts immunity.
  • Maintains glucose and blood sugar level.
  • Fights diseases.
  • Increases energy level.
  • Burns fat.
  • Reduces risks of stroke.
  • Comes in a handy bottle with 30 capsules for a month’s supply.
  • Block reaccumulating of fat.
  • Builds lean muscles.
  • It is FDA registered.
  • User-friendly.
  • Natural supplement.

Where Can I Buy CLA Safflower Oil?

CLA Safflower Oil is available for purchase only in their official websites. You can order it from there and the product would be delivered to your door steps within 3-5 business days. The price of a single bottle is $49 with 30 capsules in the bottle. The shipping charges would vary from place to place. The company offers worldwide delivery, however the shipping charges for all the locations are not listed on the website and might show up at the last step of purchase.

While ordering, please keep in mind that the price displayed is the price excluding rebate, however, when you make the payment the rebate price is included. The rebate is sent via mail and you would need to fill it and send it back to the manufacturer to get a refund on the extra charges your card has been charged for.


After a, through research and all the points put forward, I would recommend each one of you to purchase CLA Safflower Oil at least for once. With rich content of CLA and plant extracts in it, it indeed has a detoxifying effect on the body. Not only does it work to eliminate body fat and increase muscle power, it also improves immunity, gives strength to fight diseases, improves the look and feel of your skin, lightens your mood and makes you feel comfortable. When one product can bring so many changes in you, a small investment is indeed worth it.