Sarcos Richard / October 3, 2018


CLA supplement is taking a worldwide trend at the present moment, due to its very wide usage in the fitness, and the overall well being of the human body. CLA supplement is used at the various aspects of the health although CLA is famous for its weight loss properties, as it helps in reducing the body fat and in gaining the lean muscles.

CLA is the favorite choice of bodybuilders and the athletes across the world, who use it in their training cycle to keep the body in an ideal shape. CLA which is a fatty acid obtained from the green vegetables and the dairy products and there are multiple brands which are manufacturing the CLA.

Today in this article we are going to discuss about some of those brands which are considered top notch in the CLA industry.

1. Nature-Wise CLA 1250 Highest Potency

The first CLA product in our list is from the Nature-wise. Well as we know that the green vegetables and the grass is the best source of CLA and this is why the dairy products from the animals and the beef are considered to be the best source of CLA.

This Nature-Wise CLA product matches the same class of CLA as it having the pure green natural and the non GMO CLA sources. This is one of the best CLA supplement available in the market.
Here are the key highlights of this product

  • There is 25g safflower oil in this product which is having 80% of the CLA
  • It is all green and the non GMO CLA hence it is fully reliable.
  • It is free from all kind of stimulants
  • The brand is having a very supportive customer care to assist the users.
  • It is available at affordable price and offers full value of money.

2.Sports Research CLA 1250

It is another superior CLA supplement in our list with the name of sports research. This product is fully vegetarian as it is made of only green vegetables. The best thing about this product which you would love is its 90 days money back guarantee. 

You can avail this guarantee period to get your money back if you don't get the desired results within the 90 days of the usage.
Here are the key highlights of this product

  • It is derived from the nature.
  • It is fully vegetarian supplement without any element of the beef.
  • It is stimulant free and hence fully safe.


NOW FOOD is one of the most trusted and the leading name in the CLA Industry and hence it doesn't require any introduction. This is the powerful CLA formula from the NOW GOOD which contains the safflower oil and is fully free from the non GMO elements.

Here are some of the key highlights of this product

  • This CLA supplement doesn't contain any kind of additives or the fillers which disrupt the quality of the CLA.
  • It is affordable at decent price so that the majority of the users can afford it.
  • It is a blend of the safflower oil and is free from non GMO elements.

4. Optimum Nutrition CLA 750 MG 

Optimum nutrition is the leading name in the fitness supplements manufacturing and this CLA supplement is coming from the same club. This CLA supplement is suited to those, who are having a somewhat budget constraint and is seeking for the decent CLA supplement.

You can get this product with full sense of reliability. Here are the key highlights of this supplement

  • It is affordable and is a great value of money.
  • You will get the 750mg active CLA per serving.
  • It is having great users reviews.

5. Potent Organics

If you are a pure vegan and seeking a pure organic CLA supplement then your search gets finished at the Potent Organics. It is one of the best organic and the vegetarian CLA product.

It is made free from all kind of fillers which makes the quality compromise for the CLA supplement. This product is best suited to the bodybuilders and the athletes who seek an ideal body and muscle ratio. You will also get the money back guarantee with this product.

  • ​Derived from the nature
  • Free from fillers and the additives
  • Users will get 780mg of the CLA in the per serving.
  • Ideal for the bodybuilders